Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management 1.01 -by Norbert Szentkereszti (2015)

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This is the dedicated website for my first book “Meditation and the Book of Time and Life Management“. Here you can read the whole book online free of charge and without subscribing to my newsletters.

Book description:

In this book you can read about how you can meditate (without buying further books or attending workshops or without any additional costs), how you can effectively manage your time and your life (including planning, prioritization, to-do lists, money and time saving techniques…). I will also talk about healthy moral values, vegetarianism, hologram theory, my idea about the 6 day calendar, about data security, spiritualism, learning techniques, saving money and time techniques and many other things that might be helpful for you to live a peaceful and a successful life. (For further details please see the content page of this book.) The motto of my book is: “To have more peace of mind and to spend more time with the most important people in your life while living for your non-violent desires”. If you decide to buy this book you will get a 340 page long book with more than 200.000 words and with ideas that I’m sure you’ve never heard of.

To read the book online now click here and you will land on the Main contents page. (I recommend you to start with the chapter titled: Advices). If you are interested for the free pdf option or the donation based kindle and epub versions please click here .

Well thanks everyone and I hope you will find many useful information here and also in all of my other materials. And if you liked my ideas and articles and if you think that they deserve a wider audience please share them with others.

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The 4 Main Parts + the Advices chapter

My 2nd book

You can find out more about my 2nd book on it’s dedicated website book2.vr2b1.org. To buy the book or to subscribe for the free pdf edition click here

The title is: Meditation -The quick quide for the busy people

Cover -Meditation -The quick guide for the busy people (3.0) -by Norbert Szentkereszti

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